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Ref. Number : 60405383 Tender Number : PHM2324GLOB00012 Tender Prod. No : PHM2324GLOB00012
Requirement : Material Supply in Narega Scheme for Gram Panchayat Paliyas Cement, Ppc, White Cement, Fine Agrigate, Sand Bajri, Gitti Stone Brick, Stone Grit, Materials For Road Work, Stone Roddi, Qurry Rabish, Gravel, Binding Material, Brick, Soling, Pavement Masonry Stone, Masonry Berda, Masonry Scrap, Pavement Soling, Stone Arch, Sad Stone, Floor - Patti Patan Katla Stone, Floor Katla, Kota Stone, Marble Stone, Marble Chips, Powder, Stone Frame, Paitam, Stone Slab, Precast Tiles / Blocks, Glazed, Mosaic, Vitrified, Interlock Tiles, Brick, Block For Road Work, Cement Interlocking Block, Wood With Fittings, Acacia, Other Teak , Door, Structural Steel, Iron, Winding Wire, Iron Gadder, Barbed Iron Wire, Lattice, Glass, Enamel Paint, Distemper, Lime, Primer, Petroleum Substance, Diesel, Oil, Bitumen Shalitax Board, Plain Sheet, Gi Sheet, Ms Sheet, Cement Sheet, Other Sheet, Pvc Sheet, Sheet, Pipe, Sanitary, Foot Rest, Urinal With Couplin, Bracket, Pvc Waste Pipe, Wash Basin, Stone Screw Pipe, Cp Pillar Cock, Cp Bib Cock, Cp Lattice, Rcc Pipe With Collar, Twine Core Pvc Copper Cable, Steel Conduit, Pvc Conduit, Junction Box, Modular Gi Box, Modular Base And Cover Plate, Modular Switch, Modular Socket, Steel Fastener, Gi Pipe, Iron Wire, Cover Plate Locking With Frame, Pvc Water Tank With Cover, Diesel Road Roller, Sheep Foot Roller, Truck, Tractor With Trolley, Tractor Water Tanker, Cement Concrete Mixer, Pumping Set, Niddle Plate Vibrator With Operator, Grinding Machine With Operator, Compressor, Hydrolic Excavator / Jcb, Dumper, Scrapper, Shuttering Wooden Sticks With Balli And Other Materials, Shuttering Ply With Balli And Other Materials, Shuttering Iron Plate With Balli And Other Materials, Water And Pumping Filling, Grinding Machine With Operator, Wrought Iron, Cultivator, Tiles, Ferro Cover, Precast Tree Guard, Fencing Pole, Stone, Hdpe Plastic Pipe, Putti, Tube Well Cover, Dealing In Tube Well Construction In Soil And Stone, Ms Casing Pipe, Ci Sluice Valve, Sub Cable, Starter, Mccb, Ghadla/pebbles/jhajra, Gara-soil/mud Masala, Lime for Lime Masonry Work, Cement, PPC, White Cement, Fine Aggregate, Sand/bajri, Bajri-local, Fly Ash, Surkhi, Stone Dust, Gitty Stone/brick, Stone, Brick Gitty, Materials for Road Work, Broken Stone Roddy, Gravel, Pebbles, Binding Materials, Brick, First Class Brick, Second Class Brick, Soling/paver/masonry Stone, Masonry, Paver Soling, Stone, Stone Chip, Sand Stone (DPC, Sill, Coping, Lintel, Tand, Almirah Etc), Floor/strip Stone, Floor, Strip Patan, Roof Kota Stone Without Polish, Marble Stone, Marble Chips, Marble Powder, Stone, Stone Strip, Precast Tiles/blocks, Glazed, Mosaic, Vitrified, Interlock Tiles/brick/block for Road Work, Cement Interlocking Block, FR PVC Insulated Copper Conductor Single Core Cable, Local Wood with Fittings (Door, Window and Furniture), Mango, Babool, Other, Door, Structural Steel, Iron (tore Steel), Binding Wire, Iron/leave/angle Iron, Barbed Iron Wire, Grill, Iron Mesh, Cement Concrete Mesh, Glass, Paint, Enamel Paint, Distemper, Lime, Primer (Iron/Wood), Petroleum Product, Diesel HSD, Mobil Oil, Bitumen Sholitax Board, Sheet (plain Sheet), GI Sheet, MS Sheet, Sheet, Asbestos Cement Sheet, Other Sheet, PVC Sheet, Pipe, GI, A.C., PVC, Sanitary, W.C., Foot Rest, Bracket and PVC, Pipe, Wash Basin, Pillar Cock, RCC NP3 Hume Pipe with Collar, Steel Conduit, Charcoal, PVC Water Tank with Cover, Twin Core PVC, Copper Cable, Steel Fastener, PVC Conduit, Junction Box, PVC, Module GI Box, Module, Module Base and Cover Plate, Modular Switch, SP Ampere, Modular Socket Outlet, 3 Pin 5/6 Ampere, MCB Box, Single Door, GI Pipe, Copper Wire, CI/MS Cover Plate, Locking Arrangement, Equipment with Driver, Diesel Road Roller (Hire), Ship Foot Roller, Truck (Hire), Tractor, Tractor Trolley, Tractor Water Tanker, Cement Concrete Mixer (Hire), Pumping Set, Niddle/plate Vibrator with Operator, Bullock Cart Including Driver, Grinding Machine with Operator, Compressor, Hydraulic Excavator/JCB (bucket), Dumper, Scraper, Shuttering Wood, Shuttering Ply, Shuttering Iron Plate with Balli Other Materials, Water and Pumping, Grinding Machine with Operator, Wrought Iron, Cultivator, Tiles, Ferro Cover, Tree Guard, Fencing Poll, Stone, Kerb Stone, Pipe, Putti, Tube Well Construction Drilling, Gi Bend, Sluice Valve , Sub Cable, Non Return Valve, Starter, Mccb, Fly Ash Brick, Cc Interlocking Block, M Sand, Cement.

Key Values

Tender Estimated Cost : INR 20,000,000
Closing Date : 15/06/2023
Location : Rajasthan - India

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