Tender Details : Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi
Ref No : 4384755

Automobile Ancillaries, Carbon Brushes, Coil, Diversified Electrical Spares And Stores, ECG, EMG, EEG Machines, Gasket, Heater, Lab Equipment, Light and Bulb, Meter, Other Electronic Devices, Other Medical Diagnosis Equipments, Pipeline Project, Rod, Rubber Product, Scientific Equipment, Security Equipment, Switches/Plug, Transformer, Valve, Washer, Wire And Cable

Company : Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust
Product Details : Purchase of Consumable spare parts - Halogen Bulb - Bulb Holder, Toridal Transformer, Auto Clave Spare - 6KW Heater, 3KW Heater, Spark Plug with Copper rod 6, Boiler tank Gasket, Door Gasket, Bellow Plate, Bellow Plate washer, Heater washer for 6KW Coil, Heater washer for 3KW Coil, 2KW Sterilizer Heater, Boiler tank Gasket for Natt Autoclave, Door Gasket for Natt autoclave, Cautery Machine Spare Patient Plate Cable, Monopolar Cautery Cable, Monopolar Handle, Reusable Cautery Hand Switch Pencil, Disposable Cautery Hand Switch Pencil, Bipolar to Bipolar Cautery Cable, Bipolar Forcep, Needle Electrode Set, Medical Gas pipe line Spare - Pendent SKP, NRV, Sealing Machine Spare - Heating Element, Sealing Machine Cloth, Miscellaneous - Oxygen flow meter, O2 Concentrator Bottle, Humidifier Bottle, Reusable Monopolar Foot Switch, Reusable Patient Plate, Reusable Bipolar Forcep, Reusable Patient Plate Cable, BP Apparatus Spare - Rubber bag, Cloth Cuff, Rubber Balloon, Metal Valve, Philips Monitor MP 20 Accessories NIBP Cuff (Ad), NIBP Hose, SPO2 Sensor (Ad), SPO2 Ex. Cable, Lead ECG set, Lead ECG Trunk, Lead ECG Set, Lead ECG Trunk, OR Shielded 5 Lead ECG Set, OR Shielded 5 Lead ECG Trunk Cable, ETCO2 Sensor, Temperature Probe, L&T Monitor Accessories - Lead ECG Cable, NIBP Cuff, NIBP Hose, SPO2 Probe, Datex Ohmeda Accessories - SPO2 Probe, BPL ECG machine Accessories - 5 Lead ECG Cable, Silicon Rubber Balloon Clamp Set, Lead ECG Cable, BPL Pulse oximeter Accessories, Centrifuge Spare - Carbon Brush, Rubber cushion, Centrifuge test tube, Tissue Floating Bath Heater for Medical equipments of Shri Saibaba & Sainath hospital.
Project Location : Ahmednagar - Maharashtra - India
Tender Value : Rs. 0.00
EMD :   N.A
Doc Fees : Rs. 500
Submit Before : 26-7-2011
Opening Date : 26-7-2011

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Company : Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust -
Sub-Industry / Industry : Other Services - Financial Services
Ownership : Trust
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