How to fill government tender online?

Published : 12/12/2019

Important steps for bidding of the government tenders online

Publishing and issuing of tenders have seen a massive transformation in recent years. With the internet coming to every household in India and the way it is been accessed with ease, everything from shopping to paying bills and ordering food has been associated with the internet. No matter where you live and what you do, with the help of the internet, you are at par with the world and are connected with everything happening across the globe. No matter whether you are interested in the government tenders in India or the tenders issued by the private firms, there are a lot of websites that will help you fetch ongoing tender details and you can apply them via those websites.

Most of the people in India are interested to take up only the tenders issued by the government whether they are state government or the central ones. As compared to private sectors, the payment systems in the government tenders are a lot smoother and the work is secured and for a longer period of time. Although if you surf online, you will get hundreds of websites that show government tenders, their results, filling process and other important details but the website that is designed by the Government of India to fill tenders online is the Central Public Procurement Portal also known as eprocurement site.

About Central Public Procurement Portal
As discussed earlier, the Central Public Procurement Portal is a website from the government of India to fill tenders online that are issued by central and state governments in the country. You will find all the government tenders in India in this website. This website is quite dynamic, responsive and absolutely the best for searching, applying and see the results of the latest tenders. Tenders are classified into many categories in order to make the process easy and quick for the people who are in the business and also for the people who have just started their careers.

They have a search engine of themself where you can search the ongoing tender or results of an old tender just by typing the name of the organisation. When you go to the homepage of this website, you will see the latest tenders and corrigendums in the page and you can instantly select any if you think that is the one you are looking for. Also, there are tabs by the name of Tenders by Organisation and Tenders by Location which helps you to make precise selection of tenders based on classification and organisation.

Registration in the website
Just like any other website, you need to be registered in the eprocurement website in order to bid for a particular tender. There is an option on the extreme right hand side of the home page that says “Online Bidder Enrollment” with the help of which you can register yourself on the website. You need to have all your documents and company details ready, as it will ask you each and every detail of your company along with your personal details. Once you are registered, you will get a Login ID and Password which you will use to log in and continue the bidding process.

Filling tenders online
Step by step process of filling tenders online are given below. After you have registered yourself in the website, these are the steps you must follow to apply or bid for a particular tender.

The “My Documents” section of the website gives you an option to keep all your scanned documents saved in the website well in advance. Once you are ready to bid, you can upload all your essential documents as per the requirement of that particular tender.
After downloading the schedule of a particular tender, the bidder must carefully submit the documents failing which can result the rejection of tender
Bidders are allowed to enter only the bidder name and values and the BOQ template must not be modified by the bidder
The EMD specified in the tender must be sent in original to the authority by post within the specified date mentioned in the tender.
After reading the terms and conditions carefully, the bidder has to accept it to proceed further.
All the tender related documents must be submitted well in advance during the bid submission.
Once the bidder enters his name and the bid value, he/she has to freeze the number post which his value will be freezed and sent for the evaluation.
The amount can be paid via online as well as offline modes.
It is advisable to complete the bidding process well before the due date or else it will be rejected by the Tender Inviting Authority.
These were some of the important points to be followed and remembered during the bidding of the government tenders online through eprocurement website. For more information and help, you can always contact them and go through their official website.