Services TenderTiger offers to its buyers

Published : 3/08/2022

TenderTiger not only has service offerings for its suppliers but also aims to keep its buyers satisfied with a gigantic list of solutions for its buyers.

Let’s have a quick rundown on the services TenderTiger offers to its buyers:

1. eTendering Application: According to the IT Act of 2000, CVC, World Bank, and eTendering guidelines, various Government agencies across the world have been given more than 1 lakh eTenders successfully by us. Along with end-to-end tendering solutions we also offer many value-added services to help you have a smooth tendering/bidding process.

2. Request for Proposal (RFP): We deliver robust RFP which makes it extremely easy and flexible which supports all types of Goods, Works and purchasing services as per need. Our RFPs can be seamlessly utilized to invite technical proposals which encourage competitive prices from various purveyors.

3. Request for Quote (RFQ): Giving you access to a massive range of procurement projects, you can discover price range price and bid start price or an approximate contemporary market price using our Request for Quote tool which is very flexible and up-to-date.

4. Reverse Auction (RA): 100+ buyers registered on our portal, are extremely delighted to use our service of a very rigorous Reverse Auction engine. In fact, this engine tool helps buyers to save 5 to 15% on their yearly purchasing spent. Just by a click of a mouse, they compel the suppliers to wrestle in real-time with each other.

5. eAuction / Forward Auction (FA): Heedless of what you want to sell, we assure maximum revenue realisation if you utilize our powerful eAuction tool. If you want to do away with your old machinery as well as valuable assets, you can operate this process through our eAuction tool. Our Auction engine supports English Auction, Dutch Auction, Clock Auction, Transformational Auction, etc. for our registered buyers around the globe.

6. Catalogue-based Sourcing: Catalogue based sourcing can help the buyer in purchasing all the regular purchases such that the purchase managers of every companies can on buy from the same supplier on the same terms. It also grants you error free buying patterns and help in escalating the scope of negotiation with the suppliers for multibuy discounts.

7. Contracts Management: Better visibility of contracts, timely completion & zero cost overrun is something buyers look forward to by our strong Contract Management System. Additionally, this system automates the entire cycle of contract management and is inclined to all types of contracts like, Goods, Works and Services.

8. Indents & Requisitions Management: You can bag volume discounts from supplier by purchasing in huge volumes or using our catalogue-based sourcing tool which is managed by all your indents and requisition tool.

9. Supplier Identification: Helping you to get access to distinguished and valumous suppliers which will in-turn give you more competitive bid applications. Additionally, this aids you to buy services and goods at a lower price in case of procurement & higher revenues in case of disposals. These services can be availed using our Supplier Portal.

10. Digital Certificates: A coherent class 3 digital certificate has to be digitally signed by you to give in your bid when your submitting your bid online. We can assist you with the same through our certified digital certificate providers.

11. Spend Analysis: Our spending analysis tool will aid you with value suggestions towards your sourcing strategy that will help you save & achieve other intangible benefits.

12. Product Classification: As per international standards product classification is undertaken by us I.e., CVC, and UNSPSC classification standards. This will give you access to detailed and extensive spend insight for your projects.

Giving you a 360-degree solution for all your tendering needs, TenderTiger currently bags 2000+million tenders of varied sectors, across the globe. Our robust tender tracking mechanism along with our strong network circle, won't allow you to miss a tender.