Tender tiger and its Services

Published : 28/06/2022

Today’s tendering arena/world is just not about tender documents and bidding proposals but way beyond that. The recent need for going online has hit the tendering industry for good. The eTender business has made the procedures more transparent indirectly increasing efficiency.

Tender Tiger is an ISO-certified company that offers solutions for both buyers and sellers making it a holistic tendering platform. Let’s have a brief run down on its services.

  • 1. Tender Notice Alerts : It is extremely vital to get the right tender alert at the right time. We make it possible for you to view tender summary’s for free, after which you can download the tender document by paying us a nominal fee. You can subscribe to our latest tender alerts through our mobile app, email alert and website. Additionally, we also provide scanned copies in renowned newspapers to reach a larger audience. We are proud to mention that we track more than 2 million tenders annually making our platform a one-stop solution to your tendering needs.
  • 2. Pre-Qualification Terms : In order to aid you in making robust decisions we provide our clients with pre-qualification term services for free tender documents. This not only saves you time but also helps you concentrate on preparing your winning bid proposal. Also, If pre-qualification criteria are not met by your business you can contact us for resolutions. You can find a consortium partner and can participate in the tender.
  • 3. Tender Documents : We work as an aggregator which sources tenders from various state tender websites and makes them available for you at one stop. This saves our clients from hopping different tender websites. You can access our Tender inventory document provided you have subscribes to our pro membership.
  • 4. Consortium Partner : Tender Tiger does assist you to find a perfect consortium partner just not through posting advertisements on the website but also through consultation. This makes it possible only due to our wide-range supplier network.
  • 5. Private Tenders/BOQ : We believe that offering an aggressive quote is the highlight in order to bag a tender. From a heavy competitive bunch of applicants, if your bid documents don't satisfy the requirement you're sure to lose a lucrative business opportunity. In such a case we come to the rescue by offering you a reverse auction where lower quotes can be possible.
  • 6. Sub-Contracting : Did you know, you can still participate in a tender even if you don’t have the pre-qualified requirements? If you’re an SME firm with a particular expertise, consortium bidding is what you must look for. Through Consortium bidding or sub-contractor you can be a part of a large bidding project. We make it possible for contractors who are seeking tenders tol get in touch with you through advertisements on our portal.
  • 7. Tender Results : As the title suggests, Tender Tiger shows you who has won the tender, for how much, who were the other competitive bidders, etc. This service is extremely vital to identify upcoming potential winning bids and to identify price of tender awarded.
  • 8. Tendering Statistics: : To know the government business and to know how to capture maximum market business, this service is very important. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly accurate reports for tenders are available every year.
  • 9. Advertisements: : All types of companies throughout the globe have access to Tender Tiger for better business opportunities. Quality leads will be provided with just advertising as low as 10,000rs. Per lead charges are also available, that is 750/lead.
  • 10. Upcoming Exhibitions : Thousands of exhibitions are been monitored by us across India. You can grab the opportunity and book a stall at any of your choice of exhibition or circulate brochure and generate large number of leads.
  • 11. Digital Certificates : To participate in government bodies like e-Tendering, e-Auction, etc. Class 3 valid digital certificate is mandatory. We help to procure digital certificate and total support in installation and configuration.
  • 12. New Projects Information : Thousands of new projects by government and private companies are being tracked by Tender Tiger. Hundreds of new projects are added daily through which you can track your business opportunities and track investment planning accordingly.
  • 13. eProcurement/eAuction: : ProcureTiger.com and AuctionTiger.net, these two domains will provide you with total solutions for eProcurement and eAuction. You can use our platform to search/view/participate/win such opportunities too.
  • 14. Supplier Market Place: : Tender Tiger covers 1,00,000 companies in their marketplace. Global buyers visit our global website for bidders globally. Registering is a must to participate and enter the marketplace.

Both Buyers and sellers can avail of tendering services from TenderTiger with ease and without any complications. It is one of the best platforms that not only provide tender-related information from India but also makes global tenders available for you with a single click.