Writing a Tender Response to Win it

Published : 8/07/2022

A tender process is not only about writing the tender document and making it available for prospectus bidders but also about crafting a well-deserving tender response. From a vast pool of bidders/tender applications, what is so unique in the tender response which got awarded.

The following are the nuts and bolts of writing a tender response to win it:

1. Use the Templates or Formats Provided:
Most of the time, a tender document shared by a client will have a tender response template or a specific detail-providing format. TenderTiger, recommends not to wave away from it. This is shared with respect to details required on a mandatory basis by the client which mostly are the tender evaluation parameters for the respective tender. This makes your tender response easy to review by the jury to consider your offer. Stick to it.

2. Structure your Tender Response Document:
If the buyer has not specified any particular format or structure in the tender document shared, keep your tender response document clear, rational and in an orderly manner. Incorporate a short yet effective introduction that states the motivation, rationale and central proposition of your bid.

3. Provide all Relevant Details:
You have to realise that while your tender response is been evaluated, the reviewer will be turned off if he sees irrelevant information or sees some missing information. We advise you to stick to these standard information pockets to make your tender response document wholesome.

Your Australian Business Number (ABN).
A company profile and proficiency statement.
Whether you propose to subcontract.
The price for each product or service you will offer, and attestation of whether these are fixed or fluctuating (e.g. based on exchange rates or consumer price index variations).
Any circumstances affecting the price.
Delivery details and charges.
A suggested schedule showing milestones or delivery dates.
Whether goods or services are rare or regular.
GST and other taxes.
Suitable insurances.
Intellectual property rights where relevant.
An interpretation of any alternatives you propose in meeting the conditions of the contract.

4. Address the Selection Criteria:
If you miss this part in the tender response document, you have lost your chance to win it. Being a critical point, you need to address the selection criteria well and with relevant past projects. Closely follow the norm in the tender request. Make sure your proposed offer accurately meets the buyer's needs. Describe the advantages the buyer will gain from your products or services that you intent to offer. Provide specific examples of how you meet the selection criteria perfectly rather than simply stating what you have done previously. Tought it is vital to put forth your authentication and provide valid experience you possess in the industry, but make sure you dont brag too much about it. Additionally, you should also describe how your point of view is towards delivering the tender. Pick out the requirements that are most important to the buyer and emphasis on them in your tender response.

5. Choose the Right Referees
Another primary element of delivering a successful tender response is choosing the right arbitrator. Use arbitrators that know your products or services in and out. Make sure you get consent to use arbitrators before including them in your response. Give them knowledge of the critical elements of the request so they can mark their comments to the job specifications to the point.

6. Proofread your Tender
Before you hit the submit tender response button, you need to ensure your document is error free. Use spell checks and if possible, request someone not linked with the tender development process to go though your tender response and give their unique opinion. Preferably, get a professional copy editor or proofreader to carry out this task for you. If several authors have contributed to the tender response, ensure that one professional person reads the entire tender response document for uniformity.

7. Submit your Tender in Time
Late or incomplete tender responses are usually removed from the consideration list, barring exceptional, pre-decided circumstances. If you are giving it online, do not procrastinate your tender submission until the last minute in case you have computer hardware, internet or network challenges. We suggest, you plan in advance and also consider time for delays. Consider using ‘same day delivery' for courier services or hand-delivering your tender response if you have to physically send your tender response across.

Last words of advice:
If these above pointers are followed diligently, your tender response document is sure to get close to getting awarded.